My Fitbit

Fitbit by Br3nda
Fitbit, a photo by Br3nda on Flickr.

This is my fitbit.

this is the pedometer that does nifty things like sync to.the cloud, make graphs, AND tracks my sleep.

The flower indicates how many breaks from sitting at the keyboard I’ve had in the last 3 hours.

My sister, and several of my friends also have fitbit. We encourage each other to spend less time not moving. It’s tricky when we all have jobs that are spent infront of a computer screen.

The fitbit encourages me to walk between building. At my job i move between buildings all over the miramar peninsula. I could use the company vehicles – but instead i’m walking. (or cycling on my foldup bike).

Works nicely as long as summer holds in this town.

There are other gadgets for metrics, which i’ll describe in a later post.