10WELLINGTON65: DAS Reed Engages on TPP, U.N. Reform, Environmental

http://www.cablesearch.org/cable/view.php?id=10WELLINGTON65&hl=wellington ….. noted a number of areas sensitive to New Zealand. It is “no secret” that Monsanto does not like New Zealand’s genetically modified organism (GMO) regulations, Sinclair said. Intellectual property rights (IPR) is another “sleeper issue” that may raise concerns when it begins to impinge on New Zealand’s digital lifestyle. Sinclair added that foreign investment is always open to populist views in New Zealand, and it can be particularly sensitive when it comes to land acquisition or New Zealand brands that are considered “icons.” David Taylor added that investment involving New Zealand’s natural resources will also be a sensitive point, particularly in light of the Government’s recent decision to open up some conservation areas to resource extraction. According to Sinclair, pharmaceuticals are also bound to be a contentious issue.