I like gardens. Organic foods. Gadgets. Fairtrade. Scifi. Robots. Narwhals. Thylacines. Coffee. Folding bikes. Hipsters. Code. Maths. Open source. Hackfests. Local markets. Small businesses. Copyleft. Sign language. Waiata. Puppies. You.

I can’t talk about work — so this blog is about everything else.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Is geekspeakr.com / Geek Women Speak still active? I’m having trouble locating a working site for it. Name change?

  2. Hi I saw that you are a descendant of John Fraser.
    My name is Graham Jones and I ave been working on the family history of my wife Jean Hunter. Jeans mother was Ann Fraser. One of Ann’s relatives was on one of the first ships to the South Island New Zealand. His name was John or James Hunter. The family did have some contact with his descendants in Invercargill during the second world war. In 1972 I visited Mabel Mackenzie in Invercargill and she was very keen on genealogy but I wasn’t at that time. Unfortunately we have lost contact and I am now trying to re establish contact. Forgive me for such a long ramble but I hope you can help.

    Kind regards

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